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Sara Kapadia




Naomi Davis BookEnds Literary

Sara Kapadia is a writer, illustrator, academic, and yoga teacher. Sara is represented by Naomi Davis at BookEnds Literary. Sara writes fantasy middle grade, young adult, and picture books. Sara is influenced by the myths and folktales of her South Asian heritage. Born and raised in London, UK she now lives in Los Angeles with her husband, two rescue cats and one rescue dog. Sara thinks that if she were not a human she would be a thylacine, the extinct chimera creature.

Working Style

What does mentorship mean to you, and why do you want to be a mentor?

I was a mentee for The Word Diversity Mentorship and my mentor was an editor at MacMillan. It was a wonderful experience and I grew as a writer. I also connected with the other mentees and formed friendships and a support system. I believe mentorship are like fertilizer helping nurture a writer so they can blossom. One of the reasons I want to be a mentor is to do everything my mentor did for me. I want the mentee to feel really encouraged and inspired.

What is your mentorship style? What do you consider your strengths and weaknesses?

As an ex-professor I have years of experience mentoring students. I have always believed in positivity and encouragement. I would want to start with truly getting to know the mentee and ask them what their motivation is for writing and use that to fuel the relationship. I believe that if I, as a mentor, can understand what drives my mentee I can tailor my mentoring style to fit their needs. I also want to make sure I am flexible in meeting the needs of their lifestyle surrounding their writing
I guess my weakness would be to be too friendly and the mentee might find that off-putting, but I would make sure to maintain a professional relationship and keep myself in check to not overstep any boundaries.

What makes a great mentee? Describe your ideal mentee/mentor relationship. 

Someone who is open to learning and growing! As a mentee I was keen to improve my writing skills. But I also believe it is up to the mentor to excite and inspire their mentee.

How would you describe your normal working speed?


Honestly, I am alright with all speeds!



What kind of communication can your mentee(s) expect from you?

*I am very hands on and very friendly.
*I used to mentor and teach undergrads at UCLA, University of LA Verne.
*As an academic and educator I believe in positive reinforcement and gentle but honest critique.
*I am open to email, chat, and scheduled video and phone calls.
*I try to be understanding and considerate of people's learning styles, so I try to meet others' needs as much as I can.
*I prefer straightforward communication, so if there is an issue or complaint I believe that an honest conversation can help to resolve it.
*I also think detailed emails back and forth are a very helpful way to achieve goals

What kinds of communication are you able to accommodate?

Email, Zoom/Skype/Video, Text/Whatsapp, Social Media DMs, Phone calls

Are you able to make accommodations for mentees that request them?


Mentorship Details

Expected Timeline

Indefinite/As long as the mentee needs to complete our work together

Check all that apply: What do you plan to offer as a mentor?

Submission package critique (Query, Synopsis, 50 page sample), Partial manuscript critique (50 pages), Full manuscript critique, Multiple manuscript passes and query support, Line notes/edits, Business strategy and marketing for indie publishing (cover art, promotion, finances, etc.), I want to champion my mentee!



How polished should your submissions be?

Magic Mirror, Funhouse Mirror, Antique Mirror, Two Way Mirror

I would really like to support the mentee in any way that they need.


Age Categories:



Fantasy, Historical Fantasy, Science Fiction, Contemporary, Horror, Urban Fantasy, Magical Realism

Send Me:

*I enjoy middle grade fantasies.
*Lush descriptions really draw me in.
*Folktales and retellings are always interesting.
*Any stories from Asia would be ideal since I write South Asian tales.
*Animal characters, (speaking and non-speaking) are fun
*Mystical and magical elements are very welcome.
*I am happy to see queer stories, I am an ally.
*Stories that are focused on a social issue told through fantasy are meaningful
*I would love to see stories that empower the main characters
*I am totally open to dark and twisty stories (death and injury is fine)
*I love stories about adoption and fostering
*Intergenerational stories are great

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Please do not send me:

I am not a good fit for sport stories
I'm not interested in heavy violence
I also am not equipped to help with stories about pop music

Also, please do not send stories with a POC MC if you are not POC.

What are some of your favorite books? 

*The Serpent's Secret by Sayantani DasGupta
*The Cabinet of Wonders by Marie Rutkoski
*Scary Stories for Young Foxes by
Christian McKay Heidicker
*When You Trap a Tiger by Tae Keller
*The Gauntlet by Karuna Riazi:

What are some books, movies, shows, games, etc. that you've recently enjoyed?

*I loved Pixar's Turning Red
*Instant Family is a fun movie
*I liked the creepy vibes of the show Locke & Key
*Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts is a great show

Is there anything else you want potential mentees to know?

I was a mentee and now I want to pass on the knowledge and skills I myself was able to learn from