Mentor Wishlists Are LIVE!

Before you dive into profiles, here are a few quick reminders:

1. We facilitate flexible, accessible, and inclusive mentorship opportunities for mentors and mentees, which means:

  • Offerings and timelines may vary by mentor. Our wishlists will include as much information as possible to help you determine who might be a good fit for your work

  • Our mentors are from a broad range of backgrounds, offering different kinds of expertise (Self publishing, Traditional publishing, Editing, Podcasting, etc.)

  • Some mentors opt to take on a cohort (up to 4 mentees). This option is only open to mentors who have mentorship experience, however, you will be notified and asked if you'd like to participate if a mentor is considering more than two mentees

  • Our program will have two "drops" which is the time frame mentees may apply to work with a mentor--you may apply to as many mentors as you like, but you're encouraged to do your research and be discerning. Each mentor profile will note if a mentor is open in April or May

2. Mentors were asked to set communication expectations and categorize their working speed. Please make sure these details align with you and your needs.

Working speed graphic (Bicycle: slow, Vespa (moderate), Motorcycle (fast))

3. Mentors were asked how complete/polished they would like their submissions to be (please note, some used this as an at or above standard.)

Mirror system graphic (two way (unfinished or unpolished), antique (needs significant structural work), funhouse (needs developmental work but has been revised), Magic (revised and workshopped, minimal work needed)

Take some time to think about where your manuscript might fall, and make sure to reference mentor timelines against the amount of work you anticipate.

4. We have multiple learning and community building opportunities available:

Meet the Mentors Q & A Sessions (APRIL MENTORS ONLY)

#CodeRogue prompt game on Twitter

And finally, what you've been waiting for!

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