Meet the YA Mentors!

Heck YA! It's time to talk to some of our awesome YA mentors for Spring/Summer 2022.

Alexandra Higgins, Sharon Choe, Hetal Avanee, and Lilly Lu joined us for an afternoon of laughter and Q&A. After Leira's cats stopped fighting, we got into our mentor's favorite books and tropes!

Some faves included Wilder Girls, Laini Taylor, and the Gemma Doyle Series. Great taste! We also found out Sharon JUST read the Hunger Games. WHAT?!

In terms of tropes, trends, and things they love and would love to see more of, both Sharon and Lilly specifically called out BIPOC stories. Hetal is a fan of enemies to lovers, and Alex wants to see more high concepts in unique settings.

An audience member asked how the panelists feel about adult language and spice in YA. The consensus was that execution is extremely important.

Lilly said, "I think if the scenes are showing how teens are and experience the world, that's okay. But if it serves a different purpose--like a relationship--you might be better off in adult."

And Alex added that teens curse and have sex, so that makes sense in these stories BUT:

"It's important to remember you are writing about children in these scenarios."

Then Hetal started cussing again--to let us know she tries to limit herself to two f%*@s and one s*!#, respectively.

Tune into the whole conversation here:

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