Meet the Middle Grade Mentors!

This Rogue Mentor season started off with a bang--or a few Zoom generated accessories.

We were so excited to chat with mentors Hetal (like Petal!) Avanee, Sara (SAHra) Kapadia, and Sara (like...Sara) Codair!

They told us about why they love middle grade, what they plan to offer a mentee, and how shaking your booty can do the body good.

First up, some trivia--if you have a common name, put something silly in front of it when you order at Starbucks. For example, Sara K. goes by "Unicorn Sara" and Hetal goes by...Heather. And Sara C. and Hetal were in the same Pitch Wars class!

All three agreed that they enjoy the company of children--and a couple of them seem convinced they might still be middle grade age.

"I like the freedom of letting my inner child out on the page," Sara C. said.

Mental health and horror in Kidlit came up early--are children prepared for those kinds of explorations?

As a mom who has watched her children go through what she called the pandemonium (pandemic), Hetal believes we need more of it. Kids need more representation to learn emotional regulation to help overcome their own stress and fear.

Sara K., as an educator and trauma informed kids yoga teacher, has worked with kids in difficult situations like hospitals and foster care.

"The things we do for children in crisis work for children with more common experiences like bullying and being overwhelmed."

Now, if you're looking for a mentor who's offering "chaos with a little bit of awkward mixed in", who can give you a confidence boost too, Sara C. is the one to watch! No animal death, though.

Whereas, Sara K. is fine with all kinds of death--kids need to know about the realities of life. However, do not send books about pop music or sports.

But you don't need us to tell you about the whole panel interview when you can get the scoop here:

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