Fall 2022 Mentor Applications OPEN NOW!

We're thrilled to announce our next round of mentee applications will take place September 30-October 3.

Our Fall 2022 mentor application is open NOW until August 5, 2022. We hope you'll consider offering your time and talents!

About Us

No, we don't help writers become actual rogues...yet.

Rogue Mentor prioritizes flexible, accessible, and inclusive mentorship opportunities for mentors and mentees. We've played with several different structures for our first two rounds, finally landing on running two rounds per year: Fall (September) and Spring (March).

How is Rogue different from other programs?

In a lot of ways, we're not. All mentorship programs are an incredible display of generosity, and many of those involved in Rogue Mentor have had life changing experiences with traditional programs (including myself, as an AMM R7 mentee!)

Since the program started in November 2021, we've welcomed 34 mentors, 56 mentees, and an incredible team of supportive admin who help keep the train on the tracks. Like our mentee liaisons, who keep in touch with mentees throughout the program to provide a balance of power and avenue for concerns/complaints.

Our unique value proposition is in our flexibility, hoping to create a space that can accommodate mentors with deadlines or other limitations that might prevent them from participation in other programs. Mentors are able to set their own schedule, offerings (i.e. full manuscript, partial manuscript, query support, debut support, outline critique and idea development--we're really open to almost anything), and more. Additionally, experienced mentors are able to offer cohort style mentorship--a community of up to 4 mentees. We just ask you're very specific with potential mentees about the time and effort you are willing and able to commit. If you define your boundaries and limitations from the beginning, no one leaves disappointed.

Mentors are invited to participate in multiple other program activities, as Rogue strives to be a community for all, not just selected mentees:

- Mentor training (required for newbies but fun!)

- Meet the Mentor (graphics and video interviews)

- Guest blog posts

- Free and low cost (fundraising) masterclasses

- Hashtag games on social

SO, what makes a Rogue Mentor?

First and foremost, the desire to give back, uplift others, and build community. Second:

  • Meet a minimum standard of measurable skill in the area they hope to mentor in

  • Display no evidence and have no history of harmful or potentially harmful behavior that could pose a threat to mentees as determined without explanation by the board

  • Acknowledge and agree to Rogue Mentor policies

Beyond appropriate credentials, our ideal mentors are:

  • Committed

  • Communicative

  • Considerate

  • Enthusiastic

They've also thought about the following:

  • What expertise or unique skill set do I have to offer to a mentee? What are the limitations of my skills?

  • Do I have time? If so, how much?

  • What can I accomplish within that time frame?

  • How do I plan to communicate in general with the writers I'm working with? How do I plan to communicate and accommodate unexpected changes in my schedule?

  • What kinds of stories do I REALLY want to work on? How polished or complete do those stories need to be?

Check out the following links for our policies: https://www.roguementors.com/policies-disclaimers https://docs.google.com/document/d/1G578P9ymHWtraTkPNvHTDkeSBI_Q_loNzthAVnA7zjw/edit?usp=sharing

Mentorship makes such a positive difference in the often harrowing publishing space, and we so appreciate your time. Please reach out to roguementors@gmail.com if you have any questions.

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