ANNOUNCEMENT: 2022 Spring/Summer Mentors

Welcome back for another drop of Rogue Mentors! We're so excited to introduce this group of new and returning mentors from across the industry, and grateful for their time, expertise, and passion.

If you're new here and unfamiliar with Rogue, here are a few things you should know about our program:

  • We facilitate flexible, accessible, and inclusive mentorship opportunities for mentors and mentees

  • Offerings and timelines may vary by mentor. Our wishlists will include as much information (and navigation tags!) as possible to help you determine who might be a good fit for your work

  • Our mentors are from a broad range of backgrounds, offering different kinds of expertise (Self publishing, Traditional publishing, Editing, Podcasting, etc.)

  • Some mentors opt to take on a cohort (up to 4 mentees). This option is only open to mentors who have mentorship experience, however, you will be notified and asked if you'd like to participate if a mentor is considering more than two mentees

  • Our program will have two "drops" which is the time frame mentees may apply to work with a mentor--you may apply to as many mentors as you like, but you're encouraged to do your research and be discerning

Please see our calendar of events for all of the opportunities you'll have to learn and get involved this season!

Rogue Mentor events calendar: 3.31 Mentors Announced 4.7 Mentor Wishlists Live 4.8-21 #CodeRogue prompt game 4.8 Meet the Mentors Q&A (MG) 4.9 Meet the Mentors Q&A (YA) 4.9 FREE CLASS - First Page w/ Leira Lewis 4. 9 & 16 #askarogue mentor chat 4.10 FREE CLASS - Query Quandary w/ Nat Lockett 4.16 Meet the Mentors Q&A (A) 4.22 CLASS ($5) - Psychology & Character w/ Leira Lewis 4.22-25 Application Window #1 4.24 FREE SESSION - Write the Wait Workshop w/ Nat Lockett 5.11-25 #RogueSnippets prompt game 5.13 Meet the Mentors Q&A (MG) 5.14 Meet the Mentors Q&A (YA) 5.15 Meet the Mentors Q&A (A) 5.26 First Mentees Announced 5.27-30 Application Window #2 6.27 Second Mentees Announced



Beyond appropriate credentials, our ideal mentors are:

  • Committed: to the stories and mentees they choose, as well as the timeline and expectations they set

  • Communicative: with mentees and support team

  • Considerate: of themselves and others. Set boundaries, understand limitations

  • Enthusiastic

DROP #1 (April 22-25)




​Stacie Turner (she/her)


​Sara Kapadia (she/her)


​Hetal Avanee (she/her)


​Sara Codair (they/them)


​Lilly Lu (she/they)


​Elle Tesch (she/her)


Alexandra Higgins (she/her)


​Sofia Arellano (she/her)


​Sharon Choe (she/her)


​Finn Longman (they/them)


​Sophie Wan (she/her)


​AM Kvita (she/they)


​Erin Fulmer (she/her)


​Amanda Wilson (she/her)


DROP #2 (May 27-30)

​Ellen Mullholland (she/her)


​Alexis Larkin (she/her)


​Daphne Dador (she/her)


​Jessi Cole Jackson (she/her)


​Sheeda Jamsheed (she/her)


​Mikayla Bridge (she/her)


​Merial Wiles (she/her)


​Melody Robinette (she/her)


​Alexandra (A.J.) Van Belle (they/them)


​Jaime Dill (she/her)


​MK Hardy

Erin Hardee (she/her)

Morag Hannah (she/her)


​Write Away with Nat & PJ

Natalie Lockett (she/her)

PJ Powell (she/her)

​Podcasting/General Shenanigans

Mentor profiles and wishlists will be available on the website on April 7th!

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