Ideas & Inspiration for Mentorship Offerings

We get asked this question a lot, and it's a good one!


With the flexibility of Rogue Mentor, mentors decide what they offer. We just ask you're very specific with potential mentees about the time and effort you are willing and able to commit. If you define your boundaries and limitations from the beginning, no one leaves disappointed. 

This structure allows us to welcome mentors with time, health, and other constraints. Which means we can facilitate more opportunities for writers to connect and learn from talented creatives who would otherwise be unable to offer their expertise. 

So, it's up to you!* And we happen to think that's pretty cool.


*Rogue Mentor requires all mentors provide an open line of communication and a clear outline of what mentees can expect. Failure to do so will result in denial of future program participation.

Check out this example of a welcome letter from our program director Natalie Lockett: Nat's Welcome Letter

What should I offer as a mentor?

All of this, some of it, ​or more

  • Picture Books

  • Middle Grade

  • Young Adult

  • Adult

  • Prose

  • Poetry

  • Graphic novels

  • Traditional or self-publishing.

Chai Can Help

Submission package critique:

  • Query 

  • Synopsis 

  • First X number of pages

  • Twitter event pitches

I Brew It for You

Full manuscript critique:

  • At least one pass of the manuscript

  • Provision of an edit letter and/or line edits

  • Revision tips and tricks 

  • Outline assistance

  • Brainstorming

  • Aesthetics/memes/playlists

Book development:

  • Obtaining ISBNs 

  • Cover designing and creation 

  • Formatting of book/chapters/pages

  • How to go through Amazon/other self-pub platforms

  • Applying to be a Goodreads author

Learn A Latte

Full manuscript critique:

  • Multiple manuscript passes

  • Assistance with and review of list to query

  • Guidance with rejections, revise and resubmits, agent calls, and offers of representation

  • Friendship and/or future collaboration

Promotion & Platforming:

  • How to create graphics/videos for promotional purposes

  • How to schedule/join a book tour for your novel

  • Starting a blog, podcast, or youtube channel

  • Getting bylines and selling to smaller markets