Am I Eligible to Apply?

Am I Eligible to Apply?

  • Must be 18+ years of age at the time of submission.

  • Must not be traditionally published (unless applying for a self-publishing mentorship) or agented (some exceptions may apply).

  • Must be willing to receive critique and open to advice.

  • Must acknowledge Rogue Mentor policies and agree to the Code of Conduct, which includes the Rogue Mentor anti-bullying and harassment policies.

International writers,

co-authors, and previous mentees from concluded mentorships are welcome

to apply. 

Any person requiring special accommodations to participate in Rogue Mentor due to a disability may arrange for accommodations by contacting us at:


Here's the thing about can be hard to organize--like trying to put cooked spaghetti noodles back into the little box.


Rogue's mission to provide flexible, accessible, and inclusive mentorship opportunities for both mentors/mentees has taken several forms and will no doubt continue to evolve as the program grows.


Some things have stayed the same. Mentors are still able to set their own timelines and offerings. But originally, each mentor set their own application window, which led to some complications on the back end and actually made it LESS accommodating to some. So this time, we opted for two application windows.


This lets us accommodate things like publishing deadlines, jobs, chronic illnesses, disabilities, and more. Can you say, school's out for Summer?


So, how does that work? It's simple...ish.

According to their schedules, mentors chose to accept submissions either April 22-25 or May 27-30. There will be different mentors in each window. If you applied to the first window and weren't selected you may apply to the second window.


You may apply to as many mentors as you'd like (so long as you're a match). Like with agents, fit is SO important.

Potential mentees may apply to as many mentors as they would like, but are encouraged to carefully consider:

  • If a mentor’s wishlist is a match.

  • If a mentor’s working style, timeline, and offering (full manuscript critique, partial manuscript critique, submission package critique, etc.) is a match for their goals.

  • If they’ve done enough research to determine the mentor is someone they are comfortable submitting to.

Writers may only submit one manuscript per window. Submitting multiple manuscripts will result in disqualification.

Submitted manuscripts must not have been previously published; defined as:

  • Any piece of work that has been available for sale or free download on a retail site, no matter the amount of sales or type of publisher.

  • Any piece of work that has been assigned an ISBN or ASIN, even if the title has changed.

  • Any piece of work that has participated in a program that pays royalties, revenue share, or any other sort of payment structure.

  • Any longer piece of work based on a published shorter piece of work that amounts to more than 20% of the word count of the longer piece. (e.g. a 100k word novel based on a 15k short story is okay, but a 100k novel based on a 30k novelette is not.)

  • The above applies to previously published books that have since been edited or revised.


​Check out our SAMPLE APPLICATION. (Subject to changes based on mentor offerings, etc.)


  1. Don't stress too much about small mistakes in your submission. While it makes our job easier if things are correct, unless you are COMPLETELY disregarding our guidelines, it's going to be okay. That being said, we will not accept edits to submissions.

  2. You do not have to personalize your query letter if you are submitting to multiple mentors.

  3. Mentors will not receive submissions until the application window closes. There is no benefit to submitting early or late. Take your time if you need it, and don't panic if you don't wake up to a full request the day after hitting submit.

  4. Add to your contacts to avoid emails going to spam.


Need some help getting your sub package ready? Check out mentor Hetal Avanee's query formula HERE. We also love this post about writing a synopsis by Susan Dennard!