see also: roguish, roguishness
an individual who defies norms or causes trouble in a playful way.
synonyms: rapscallion, rascal, scamp, scallywag

What is Rogue Mentor?

No, we don't teach people how to be better rogues. Yet. 


Rogue Mentor is a volunteer-run program that provides flexible, accessible, and inclusive mentorship opportunities for members of the writing community. Traditionally and self-published authors, agented authors, editors, industry professionals, podcasters, and more take applications to select one to four writers to mentor.


Since flexibility is a priority for us, mentors choose their own timelines and offerings, some might offer outlining help or a partial critique, others may opt to have a cohort with four writers. As such, it is very important that applicants research the mentors they are interested in.

We do not have an agent showcase. However, all writers (regardless of being chosen by a mentor) are welcome to participate in our free and low-cost masterclasses. Most of them are available on demand. 

The Process

Writers will fill out our application for mentorship, uploading a document including their query, synopsis, and first chapter. They may apply to all mentors they feel fit their work, but are encouraged to thoroughly review our mentor's wishlists and be discerning. 

Mentors will read all of their applications and request full manuscripts as they wish. We are not always able to give a timeline as to when selections will be made. Please assume 4-6 weeks. 

How do I apply?

  • Check our calendar or social media for upcoming application dates, if they are not posted, they have not been decided. 

  • If an application date is upcoming, check out the mentors accepting submissions at that time. Do your research, make sure they are offering what you need, etc. A BAD MENTOR IS WORSE THAN NO MENTOR AT ALL.

  • Prepare your submission:

    • Depending on the mentors you choose, your manuscript may not have to be complete. ​

    • Even if your manuscript is incomplete you will need a query and synopsis.

  • Submit:​

    • Our application opens at midnight EST on the date listed on our schedule, and closes at 10:00 PM EST​

    • There is no advantage to applying at a certain time. Mentors do not received their submissions until after the application closes. 

    • There is no specific timeline for full or partial requests. All requests will come from

  • Join us on social media! (This doesn't determine your application success, there are just a lot of opportunities to make new friends)​

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