About the Course

TACKLING THE SYNOPSIS will grapple with one of the elements needed to query an agent. Generally seen as a bleak and uncomfortable part of the query package, this class will break down the process of writing a synopsis into bitesize steps, thus equipping participants with a set of tools that will hopefully make it feel more manageable.

The class will also think about when we might use a synopsis outside of querying and why it is, in general, a useful tool when drafting or revising. There are many different ways to approach the synopsis, and so this class seeks to understand the benefits of writing one, and offer a few tips

through an adaptable step-by-step guide that will suit different writing styles.

Your Instructor

Sharon Choe

Sharon Choe is a British-born South Korean working to publish her debut novel. Early on, she discovered a love for writing and ambitiously charged into the world of publishing at the age of 10. Granted, that novel never got anywhere (good call, it was for the best), but her enthusiasm and desire to share new worlds and adventures never stopped.

When she’s not writing, she’s either painting, knitting, people-watching, or drinking copious amounts of hot chocolate.

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Sharon Choe