About the Course

How do we define 'voice' in fiction? Is it a case of 'you have it or you don't'? Does it come naturally, or is it something you can learn?

In this two-hour interactive workshop, you'll explore your own authorial voice in a series of guided discussions and exercises through analysis to practice.

(This workshop will contain short writing exercises, but no obligation to share your work unless you are comfortable with doing so.)

Your Instructor

Mo & Erin of MK Hardy

Mo and Erin are an author duo based in Dundee, Scotland. They have been writing together for over 15 years. With backgrounds in science outreach and content design, they are both communication professionals with decades of combined experience in teaching, storytelling, and the written word.

As indie authors, they published several works with NineStar Press, before finding representation with Amanda Rutter at Azantian Literary Agency. They are now on submission with their voicey sapphic space opera.

Find Your Voice



June 18, 2022, 7:00:00 PM

Mo & Erin of MK Hardy