What Makes A Rogue Mentor?

First and foremost, the desire to give back, uplift others, and build community. Second:

  • Meet a minimum standard of measurable skill in the area they hope to mentor in

  • Display no evidence and have no history of harmful or potentially harmful behavior that could pose a threat to mentees as determined without explanation by the board

  • Acknowledge and agree to Rogue Mentor policies

Beyond appropriate credentials, our ideal mentors are:

  • Committed

  • Communicative

  • Considerate

  • Enthusiastic

They've also thought about the following: 

  • What expertise or unique skill set do I have to offer to a mentee? What are the limitations of my skills?

  • Do I have time? If so, how much?

  • What can I accomplish within that time frame? 

  • How do I plan to communicate in general with the writers I'm working with? How do I plan to communicate and accommodate unexpected changes in my schedule? 

  • What kinds of stories do I REALLY want to work on? How polished or complete do those stories need to be? 

In a lot of ways, we're not. All mentorship programs are an incredible display of generosity, and many of those involved in Rogue Mentor have had life changing experiences with traditional programs.


Rogue Mentor's unique value proposition is in its flexibility. Mentors set their own schedules and offerings within our guidelines and with the support of our board and admin team.

We also facilitate mentorships outside of traditional publishing. 

How is Rogue Mentor Different from Other Programs?

Rogue Mentor Q&A with Casie Bazay, Leira Lewis & Nat Lockett

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